antioxidants deglow and sex

What they are:
Biochemistry is very, very complex, because there are many ways that molecules interact and transform. Free radicals or "reactive oxygen species - ROS" are toxic products of metabolism and of interactions with energy sources like X-Rays and environmental factors like cigarette smoke.. The body has several enzyme systems for neuralizing free radicals. When cellular defenses fail, cells are killed, tissue are damaged, the result is ageing and loss of function. Direct antioxidants are molecules that neutralize (or scavenge) ROS's, and indirect antioxidants increase or "upregulate" protective enzymes. Oxydation is what turns wine bad and causes rust to form.

Vitamins C and E are well known antioxidants as are plant derived polyphenols that are found in high concentrations in cocoa, red wine, black and green teas, ginger, ginseng, other spices, and fruit juices including pomegranate, blueberry, grape, and acai. Genital oxydative stress in women, including vaginal dryness and lack of desire, is a consequence of menopause and oral contraceptive use.

Antioxidants and sex:
Nitric oxide (NO) is the messenger molecule that dilates blood vessels. In genital tissues, NO must be produced for starting and maintaining erections, vaginal fluid production and vaginal remodeling, as described in the Genital Health 2005 Course. Antioxidant DeGLOW preserves NO. This one of the ways that antioxidants make sex better! Sexual activity makes people happier and healthier and LIVE LONGER. Think of the right kind of antioxidants as natural aphrodisiacs.

Antioxidant DeGLOW:
Eating or drinking a lot of antioxidants, does not mean that there will be a definite effect on genital skin health or sexual performance. antioxidants that you eat or drink have to be absorbed, then they are dispersed throughout the body after they pass through the liver, which uses up a lot before the rest moves out into the general circulation. We designed DeGLOW to deliver antioxidants directly into genital tissue. If it used with sexual activity, excitation and pleasure are increased immediately. Daily use increases the enzyme for NO production, improving tone and performance. These effects are especially beneficial in women with sexual dysfunction and men with oxydative stress conditions that predispose to erectile dysfunction. This is why we refer to antioxidant DeGLOW as an awesome aphrodisiac and sexual energizer. This is coupled with the activation of a neuroenhancer when DeGLOW contacts vaginal fluid.





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